February 23rd – March 8th…


The weather continues to be the story with 1.45″ of rain and only two days of sun since our last blog post. In Fact, since September, we have received 37.48 inches and very little sunshine. This is about 10″ short of our yearly average, and all coming during the fall/winter. For 2019, we have had only 9 days of sun.  I was unaware we had to grow Bermuda grass here in the Pacific Northwest.

For over a year I have been wanting to change-up our mowing pattern in regards to our tee complexes. The goal here is to provide the Membership with a clean updated look and better conditioned teeing surfaces.  This change in mowing does not affect playability and will provide a look that is aesthetically unique to the Golf Club of Houston.


The scalped areas will go away rather quickly and will soon look just like the fairways. Turf quality will improve on the tee boxes as a result of an increase in cut frequency. Currently we are mowing tees twice a week and this change puts tees and fairways on the same schedule three times a week.


This week we applied another pre-emergent herbicide on greens to both courses. This application should prevent any goosegrass or crabgrass from invading our putting greens.


Detail work continued this week with lake banks being weedeated on both courses. This is the lake bank on #9 tee complex.


All knock-out roses and crape myrtles are being trimmed throughout the property.



This week we pulled soil samples from both courses. This soil test will let use know how we have done since last year in regards to the amount of organic matter in our soil profile. Information gained from this test dictates how we plan our aerifications for the year. This all goes back to percent organic matter and the amount we need to remove per year to provide the members with the best putting greens on a consistent basis. More information regarding this has been covered in past blogs.

Until next time, have a great weekend!

-Agronomy Team