Week of November 21…

We had a short week with the Thanksgiving holiday, but were still able to accomplish several tasks. Taking advantage of the range being closed, all target poles were brought in, detailed, and freshly painted before being reinstalled on the range floor. This week we also made our first cut on the Tournament side of the range tee.

Water Features

We completed cleanup of water features on holes 7, 8, 13, and 14. As you can see here on the after picture of 13, it really opens up the view of the green and front bunker previously hidden by aquatic plant material. Still some material to pick up on 14 before the tee complexes. Really proud of our guys dominating this task. Next area to address is the tee complex on 16, the 9 tee complex. 

Bunker Project #12

Work continues on #12 green side bunker. This weeks focus was to clean out existing sand and old liner. We hope to have drainage and carpet installed during the week of November 28th.

Tournament Range Tee

This week we were able to make our first cut. This side of the range will open for use on Tuesday the 29th. Just a reminder that use of the chipping green is not allowed until after the SHO Tournament.

Thanksgiving Lunch

A well deserved Thanksgiving meal was provided to all club employees this week. The food was excellent. Thank you, Chef Moses and the Golf Club of Houston. 
Thanks for viewing our work and thanks for being a member. Hope to see you on the course.

-Agronomy Team 

Week of November 14

8-greenGreetings from the GCOH Agronomy Team! The guys had another great week and were able to accomplish a lot of work on our lake banks on 7,8,14. We are really happy with the result thus far as we think it has made a positive impact on the visual quality and playability of the course.

The germination on Par 3 Tee’s has been slow due to the cooler night time temperatures over the past few weeks. We will continue to wait to mow these until the germination reaches a greater coverage.

Fall Temperatures


With the cooler temps of late we applied a broad spectrum fungicide on greens this week to protect the plant through this upcoming period of stress. We have begun to raise the mowing heights for the winter, but the impact to you should be minimal. We will continue to roll and provide a smooth, consistent surface. The height of cut is raised to allow for a greater leaf surface for photosynthesis. This allows the plant to capture more sunlight and create and store more energy for the winter and spring.

Speaking of cooler temperatures, the forecast this weekend has some extreme changes in overnight temperatures. Forecasted low’s are in the 40’s and with that brings a good chance of frost delays. On a clear night, with low humidity, forecasted low’s of 40 F can quickly become 32 F or less and create morning frosts. Our goal in these situations is to protect the grass plants and we will do our best to get you guys out on the course as soon as possible. We ask that you check with the pro shop before utilizing the facilities. Check out this link from the USGA on frost delays for more information:


Bunker Project

We just received our next load of bunker sand yesterday and we will be beginning on the last bunker on #12, on Monday. After completion of #12, we will be moving over to #11 Green side. We anticipate having these done by mid-December, weather permitting. As always, thanks for your patience through this renovation project. We are doing our best to improve the facilities every day, and make your experience at your club, better!


Tournament Course


The Tournamant Course is open for business this weekend. We were able to get our first cuts on all surfaces this week, and get all of our starter fertilizer out. Growth will be rapid on all surfaces and we will be out mowing continuously to maintain a consistent playing surfaces. Please note, that green speeds will be slow as we allow the fertilizer to work and maintain a height of cut that promotes good growth. The Tournament Course side of the range was seeded last Wednesday, November 9th, and is progressing nicely . We anticipate having this area open by the end of next week, weather permitting.

As always, thanks for following along and feel free to contact us with questions and comments. We look forward to seeing you out there enjoying your course!

-GCOH Agronomy Team

Week of November 7th

Greetings from the Maintenance Shed, hope this finds you all well and out enjoying your courses. This week our guys were able to slow down the pace, and enjoy a brief and much needed fall break. Our guys worked a normal 40hr week this week and were able to recover from the grind of the previous weeks, while still accomplishing a lot on the property. I’d like to say a special thanks to those guys for their tireless efforts to make this property a place that makes our members and guests proud.


Work this week focused on details around the clubhouse and parking lot areas. Tree’s were trimmed, beds weeded and pre-emergent herbicides spread to keep them clean and weed free throughout the winter. We also spruced up a few of the signs around the practice facilities with mulch and Knock-Out Roses. wp-1478831301862.jpg


This week we also started our main fall project, and that was cleaning up the lake banks. Years of undesirable growth have really taken away the aesthetics and playability of some of the holes on the MC, and our goal is to reclaim those areas. We started work on 13green , 14, and 7 this week and the guys did a great job on a very difficult, and labor intensive task. A majority of material has to be cut with machetes and manually removed. Once the material is removed, we will follow up with chemical applications of aquatic safe herbicides, and spray out any remaining undesirable growth.

Ditch between 6 and 7
14 Before work began
Chopping and removing the desirables. The clumps of larger green Pickrel and Iris will remain as they are aesthetically desirable and will minimize erosion.
Oscar treating undesirable aquatic plant material with Aquatic safe chemicals

Also this week we overseeded all the Par 3 Tee’s on 4, 12, 14, 17 as well as the tee’s on 13. We will be leaving the tee markers off to the side and watering these areas daily to promote a good, even germination. Please be aware that these surfaces and surround will be wetter than usual and we ask that you use caution when navigating around these areas.

Jose hand watering Rye grass seed on #17

We have also spent time this week repairing some bunker edging that was damaged during construction and daily maintenance. Soil and sod were added to several bunkers on 8, 10, 12, and 17, to replace areas they were worn and thin. Moving forward we will be changing our maintenance practices to minimize impact of our equipment and incorporating more hand raking into the process. We spent time training the whole crew and looking forward we are excited about the quality of the bunkers you will have to hit out of. wp-1478572173607.jpg


Our annual fall application of Potassium was applied to greens and fairways this week as well. This will help harden up the Bermudagrass plant and prepare it for winter dormancy, and ultimately help it emerge in the spring a healthier plant. We will be applying to tee’s as well in the coming week. With that being said, please be conscious of your movements around the course and limit your impact in high traffic areas. As the days get shorter and the temperatures cool down, so does the growth rate of the Bermuda. This makes it harder to recover the damage in high traffic areas, so please be conscious of this as you navigate around the course.

Mario appling 0-0-22 K Mag to fairways

Lastly, the MC Range tee is open for business! We are excited at the excellent playing surface you are going to have to use throughout the winter. Our goal is to provide a high quality, consistent surface and to do so we ask that you utilize the range in a responsible manner. Please use linear divot patterns and stay with in roped areas. We have scheduled a rotation that will benefit us from an agronomic standpoint, but most importantly, you the member from a playing quality standpoint!

As always, thanks for following along and feel free to contact us with questions and comments. We look forward to seeing you out at your club!

Best Regards,

-GCOH Agronomy Team


Week of October 31

Whew….what a week! Our guys worked their tails off producing excellent conditions for the 2016 Men’s Member Guest Tournament, as well as overseeding the entire Tournament Course. To accomplish this, our guys worked 13-15 hours daily.

Member Course

Member/Guest participants getting in some final practice putts before morning rounds begin.

Stimpmeter readings taking daily to insure greens were consistent and had sufficient speed. For the Member/Guest Tournament speeds of 11.6-12′ were achieved.

Weather was outstanding through the weekend.

This week, we cut the Member practice tee for the first time. First cut was at 3/4″ and will be worked down to 1/2″. Tee should be open this week. 

We will also be overseeding par 3 tees, as well as tees on hole #13.

Tournament Course 

This week, the crew overseeded the entire golf course. Over 70,000 lbs of perennial rye was spread to perfection over 130 acres. Greens were overseeded as well with a mixture of poa trivialis, bent, and rye. Irrigation was run continuously throughout the day to insure the seedlings stayed moist and that a high percentage of germination would occur. 

Here you can see that we have sprayed a pre-emerge herbicide on bunker faces to prevent seedlings from germinating. If successful, this will save countless hours of rye removal from the bunkers.

Here you can see that the seedlings have begun to germinate. These guys germinated in four days!

Week of October 24th

Another productive week from the Agronomic Department. The primary focus on the Member Course was our fall pre-emerge application and on the Tournament Course it was a continuation of our overseed prep.

Member Course

This week it was all about getting our fall pre-emergent herbicide applied. This application cost approximately $20,000 and will provide us with weed free playing surfaces till our spring pre-emerge application in April. 

In this photo, Antonio and Jose are squaring up the tee boxes on hole #’s 4,12,13,14,17. These holes are overseeded with perennial rye, so no pre-emerge is applied inside these teeing surfaces.

Here, Jose is applying a granular form of the herbicide with a drop spreader to produce a nice clean edge against the overseeded tees. The tees will not be overseeded until November 7th, after the Member/Guest Tournament.

In this photo, we are seeding the designated native areas with annual rye. The areas to be seeded will be the same as last year which were next to #3 tee complex, behind 14 green, and the pipeline easement at 13-14 and 15-16. This will produce an otherwise ugly winter time area to a nice green consistent clean look.

For the next couple of months, you can expect to see Larry and Reginald performing leaf debris removal. They work in tandem, one blowing leaves into windrows and the other vacuuming up the debris.

Tournament Course

This week we continued work preparing the turf for overseed scheduled for Tuesday November 1. Much of our prep is an effort to open up the turf canopy to allow for a better seed to soil contact, thus providing higher percentage of seed germination. 

Here we are performing a circular cut pattern on the fairways to remove as much thatch and grain. Heights were dropped from .500″ to .375″ to scalp the fairways. 

During the scalping process we re-establish the hazard lines on holes where this applies.

All native wetland grasses are trimmed back so that we can seed up to the edge. This trim and cleanup is a monumental task, but will look amazing when finished.

These guys were up to no good before curiosity got the best of them. On this night, nine hogs were trapped and removed from the property. We have been using this trap system (boarbuster.com) for the past two months and have successfully removed 102 of these no good destructive hogs.

Thanks for being a member, have a great weekend!

The Agronomy Team

Week of October 17…

It was a productive week, despite two fluke rain events on Wednesday and Thursday, which produced about 2″ of rain. This week marks the beginning of our 2016 overseed with completion of the member tee practice facilities, clubhouse grounds, and select native areas on the Tournament Course. The process of overseeding will continue until completion on November 8th.

Overseed and Prep

All turf areas will eventually be mowed down, a process known as “scalping”, to insure good seed to soil contact. You will notice the Members practice facility and most of the Tournament Course will appear yellow because of this. 

The Member range tee was topdressed heavily to smooth out any imperfections prior to overseed. Once seed is down, we will irrigate lightly to keep the seedlings moist until germination is achieved.

A pre-emergent herbicide was applied to the bunker face in an effort to prevent any stray seedlings from germinating in the bunker itself. 

Bunker Project
This week we completed work on the left green side bunker on #12. This bunker took more time to complete as we raised the flooring an average of 18″. Next on the list is the other green side bunker on 12. We will begin this bunker once overseed and both Men’s and Women’s Member/Guest Tournaments have been completed.

In closing, I hope the ladies have a great Member/Guest tournament and enjoy this awesome weather. Thank you for taking the time to view our blog.

The Agronomy Team


Week of October 10th: Details!

Another great week of accomplishments for our maintenance crew. Our focus this week was to continue wetland cleanup on the Tournament Course and begin lake bank cleanup on the Member Course. On the Tournament Course, we have dedicated 2-3 men daily for the past two weeks to manually remove any undesirable plant material from our cordgrass wetlands. This is a monumental task, 30 or so acres, all handwork using machetes. These areas should be completed by the end of next week. Below are a couple before/after pics of their work.

Member Course

On the Member Course, we began the task of cleaning up all of our lake banks. This is in an effort to remove any unwanted aquatic plants and to provide a cleaner look to the course. We have started on #7 green complex. We are removing all aquatic material with the exception of pickerelweed and irises. As you can see on the before/after below, it really opens up the view of the greens complex from the fairway. This process will continue for the next several weeks.

Bunker Project

The bunker project continued this week on #12. This bunker is taking a bit more time than some of the others as we have raised the base an average of 18 inches throughout. By the end of today, we should have all drainage and anchor liner completed. We are estimating this bunker to be completed by end of day Tuesday.

On hole #10, left of the tee complex you will notice dead turf. This area was damaged by standing water a couple months ago and we were hoping for the turf to rebound but never did. Today we stripped the damaged turf area and new sod will be installed on Monday.

On a personal note, this week was my sons 14th birthday. Unbelievable how time flies. I sure do miss him when he was just this little guy.

Again, thank you for taking the time to view our going ons. Hope you enjoy the course this weekend.