Week of October 17…

It was a productive week, despite two fluke rain events on Wednesday and Thursday, which produced about 2″ of rain. This week marks the beginning of our 2016 overseed with completion of the member tee practice facilities, clubhouse grounds, and select native areas on the Tournament Course. The process of overseeding will continue until completion on November 8th.

Overseed and Prep

All turf areas will eventually be mowed down, a process known as “scalping”, to insure good seed to soil contact. You will notice the Members practice facility and most of the Tournament Course will appear yellow because of this. 

The Member range tee was topdressed heavily to smooth out any imperfections prior to overseed. Once seed is down, we will irrigate lightly to keep the seedlings moist until germination is achieved.

A pre-emergent herbicide was applied to the bunker face in an effort to prevent any stray seedlings from germinating in the bunker itself. 

Bunker Project
This week we completed work on the left green side bunker on #12. This bunker took more time to complete as we raised the flooring an average of 18″. Next on the list is the other green side bunker on 12. We will begin this bunker once overseed and both Men’s and Women’s Member/Guest Tournaments have been completed.

In closing, I hope the ladies have a great Member/Guest tournament and enjoy this awesome weather. Thank you for taking the time to view our blog.

The Agronomy Team


Week of October 10th: Details!

Another great week of accomplishments for our maintenance crew. Our focus this week was to continue wetland cleanup on the Tournament Course and begin lake bank cleanup on the Member Course. On the Tournament Course, we have dedicated 2-3 men daily for the past two weeks to manually remove any undesirable plant material from our cordgrass wetlands. This is a monumental task, 30 or so acres, all handwork using machetes. These areas should be completed by the end of next week. Below are a couple before/after pics of their work.

Member Course

On the Member Course, we began the task of cleaning up all of our lake banks. This is in an effort to remove any unwanted aquatic plants and to provide a cleaner look to the course. We have started on #7 green complex. We are removing all aquatic material with the exception of pickerelweed and irises. As you can see on the before/after below, it really opens up the view of the greens complex from the fairway. This process will continue for the next several weeks.

Bunker Project

The bunker project continued this week on #12. This bunker is taking a bit more time than some of the others as we have raised the base an average of 18 inches throughout. By the end of today, we should have all drainage and anchor liner completed. We are estimating this bunker to be completed by end of day Tuesday.

On hole #10, left of the tee complex you will notice dead turf. This area was damaged by standing water a couple months ago and we were hoping for the turf to rebound but never did. Today we stripped the damaged turf area and new sod will be installed on Monday.

On a personal note, this week was my sons 14th birthday. Unbelievable how time flies. I sure do miss him when he was just this little guy.

Again, thank you for taking the time to view our going ons. Hope you enjoy the course this weekend.

Club Championship Week!!


Greetings from the Maintenance Shed. Hope this finds you all well and gearing up for a great golf weekend! We have spent a large portion of the week working on details ahead of this weekends Club Championship. Bunkers and cart path’s have been edged as well as  irrigation heads around greens, drainage basins, and tee yardage markers. We began edging and spraying beds around the Club House, 18, and 10. We will be selectively adding pine straw to these beds as part of our fall landscape plan.



Bunker work has progressed at a slower than anticipated pace this week on #12 due to some issues we uncovered. Due to severe slopes of the floor and depth of the bunker drainage we will be adding soil to raise the floor of the bunker. This will help us to minimize the slopes around edges and increase the holding capacity of sand on those faces, as well is improve the drainage gradients throughout the bunker. We hope to have that bunker wrapped up next week and move on to the next one.





Tournament Course

This week we took delivery of all 60,000 pounds of seed for the annual fall over-seed of the Tournament Course as well as the range, practice facilities, and clubhouse grounds. We have worked all summer to make these areas as healthy as possible with sound fertility and agronomic practices, and soon we will shift gears and begin our seed prep. This will entail lowering mowing heights, vertical mowing and/or grooming, and chemical applications to slow down the bermuda and allow the Ryegrass the best environment to germinate. Please reference the following tentative schedule for the 2016 overseed.

2016 Tenative Overseed Schedule

October 17-November 6: Member side of the range and chipping green will be closed, all usage will be on Tournament side. 

November 7 – November 25: Tournament side of the range will be closed including Chipping Green and Putting Green.

Tournament Course– Course will close November 1 for over-seed. We anticipate a 3 week closure to allow proper germination and establishment. We will update you on the firm closing date as we get closer.

Clubhouse grounds and 1st Tee:  The clubhouse lawns will be over-seeded the week of October 17th weather permitting. The First Tee facilities will be over-seeded once their Fall Activities have ended, which should be around the middle of November. We ask that you exercise extreme caution when utilizing the facilities and navigating around these areas during that time so we can have minimal damage and the best possible germination and establishment.

As always, the schedule will be dependent upon Mother Nature. We will update you of any changes to scheduling as they happen.




We had another great week in the Wetlands, cleaning up all rogue tree and and overgrown plant materials. We have completed all the major tee and sight lines areas and will be moving on to some secondary and out lying areas in the coming week.

As always, thanks for following along and feel free to contact us with comments and concerns. Hope you have a great weekend and we look forward to seeing you out at your club.

-GCOH Agronomy Team


Week of September 26


Rest in Peace to the greatest legend this game has ever known. His impact on golf transformed the sport and laid the foundation for what the game is today. What most may not know is that he was also a great ambassador for Golf Course Superintendents and helped to bring their hard work and professionalism to light. He will be missed dearly by all who knew him.


The member course was busy this week with the PGA event, but we were still able to get some detail work done. Yardage markers were edged and select beds were weeded and pine strawed. Detail work will continue next week in beds and edging sprinkler heads. The bunker project will resume on 12 green and we plan to complete the work by the end of the week.


Work on the Tournament Course focused on cleaning up sight lines in the wetland areas. The process involves removal of larger tree saplings and then we spray a herbicide to knock down any broadleaf weeds. We have completed holes 2, 4, 6, and are currently on hole 9. We hope to wrap up this process by the end of next week.


New flags, sticks, and cups have been changed out for the fall season on the Tournament Course. This fall we opted for the yellow flagstick vs. the white flagstick. I believe this a better look with the SHO flag and easier to see as well.  The new flags setup for the Member Course should arrive this coming week.

 As always, thanks for following our blog and we hope to see you out at the Divot Fill Party Saturday night! Feel free to contact us with any questions / concerns. Look forward to seeing you out there enjoying your club!

Week of 9/19/16


We had another great week on both courses with the weather continuing to be our friend.  We were able to get the greenside bunker on #17 MC completed and will be ready for play this weekend.  All of the MC bunkers were edged and flymowed and nearly all of the lakes and out of play rough were detailed.  We also sprayed the entire MC with a growth regulator to continue to increase turf density and decrease our clippings.  On the TC we applied our fall fertilizer wall to wall to put us in good shape going into overseed roughly six week from now.  Here are some highlights:


The guys really got after it this week and are packing the new sand in the left greenside bunker on #17 as I type.  Going forward the plan will be to start on #12 greenside on 10/3/16.  We will knock out the remaining back nine greenside bunkers before returning to the front nine.  Once the back nine are done, play will start off of #10 during the week to allow our crew to have more time on the front nine before play hits them.imageimageimage

Due to all of the rains, the guys had to start by removing all of the anchor already installed and clean all of the sock and drainage pipe.  The rains washed a lot of silt into the pipe and sock.  Without replacing and cleaning, the drainage would not have worked properly.



We finally were dry enough to take care of some out of play rough that we currently mow a few times a year.  These areas are treated as native or secondary rough because they are out of play.  imageimage


We also have a lot of branches from our long overdue tree trimming.  We were able to borrow a chipper from Shadow Hawk and began chipping the branches to lessen our waste.imageimageimage


We have upgraded our barrier on the turn on #16 TC.  This is the area where the bayou has failed and is washing away right at the edge of the cart path.  We are still waiting on a definitive plan from the Harris County Flood District to correctly address the issue.  Eventually the plan will be to re-route the cart path through the hole and abandon the area that has been washed out.imageimage

Week of 9/12/16


Despite another short week, due to the two course shotgun tournament on Monday, the team accomplished a lot.  During the Monday event, we were able to focus on bunker details on the driving range and U of H practice area, as well as the First Tee facility.  All of the driving range tee divots were also filled on Monday.  Also, we edged all of the bunkers on the MC as well as focused more on weedeating lakes.  We were able to topdress the MC greens on Tuesday, using our kiln dried sand and rotary spreaders.  Despite not being able to begin our regular mowing routine until Tuesday, the crew still managed to mow out both courses as scheduled.  Both courses are in excellent shape and we hope you get out this weekend to enjoy them.



Using the kiln dried sand really allows for the particles to settle nicely into the canopy and remain there.  Using the rotary spreaders also provides less of a footprint on the greens as well.  Overall, we used nearly 4,500 lbs of sand on the course.  That comes out to nearly 30lbs/1000 square feet!


We also finished up sodding the tree well on #17  and will be adding pine straw to finish it off.  



Now that the turf is back under control on the TC we have been able to focus some more attention to neglected details.  Guys have been working hard to expose the bricks near tees and greens on the edge of cart paths and we trimmed all the trees between #3/#8 and between #3/#11.  This really opens up these areas and will allow our mowers better access as well as improve the plant health surrounding the trees as more sunlight is now available.



We have purchased some flowers to replace the ones that died from the heavy rains.  We started at the main entrance sign and will be working our way to the other three signs.  Hopefully the weather continues to cooperate and the flowers stay healthy.image